Arranging Masses, Baptisms etc.

Arranging a Mass – Mass intentions

If you would like Mass to be celebrated for a personal intention – as a get well, in thanksgiving or in memory of a loved on, then speak either to the priest after Mass or contact us. Mass intention cards are available at the back of the church. If you want Mass celebrated on a particular date please get in touch early as there is only one Mass each day during the week. Each Sunday, the priest normally celebrates one Mass ‘pro populo’ – for all the people of the parish.

It is sometimes necessary to cancel a booked Mass intention if, for example, a funeral takes place. We will let you know and arrange a new date if this happens.

Mass Offerings

Mass offerings or Stipends form a major part of a priest’s monthly ‘salary’ and may be transferred to priests in difficult missions who depend on these offerings for their day-by-day support . The Diocese of Westminster suggests an offering of £10.00 per Mass. A lesser offering or even no offering can be accepted for a Mass if the donor performs some other work of charity to express their gift of self to God.

Visits for the sick or housebound

If you or someone you know is ill at home, housebound or in hospital and would like to receive holy communion, the sacrament of penance (confession) or the ‘Anointing’ or ‘Sacrament of the sick’, use the ‘Contact the Parish Office’ link below to get in touch.

Hospital Chaplains do not have access to a list of patients or to any information about a patient’s religion. If you are admitted to hospital and would like to see a Chaplain, or you have particular religious needs such as receiving a sacrament, please ask the ward staff or one of your visitors to let the Chaplain know. Please also let your parish priest know. This sheet gives more information about what to do if you are going into hospital.

Contact the Parish Office if you would like the intention of a sick person to be included in the Newsletter.

Bereavement – Funeral arrangements

When a person we know or love dies, it can be an enormous shock even if it has been expected. There are many things that need to be done;  here is a useful government site containing further information. The diocese has published two helpful documents, one about how we can assist others by indicating our wishes for our own funeral and a guide for family members and funeral directors on Preparing a Catholic Funeral.

Funeral arrangements can only be made once the death has been registered. Once this has been done, please speak to the Parish Priest to discuss:

  • The date and time
  • The type of service – whether a Requiem Mass in church, a service at the cemetery or crematorium
  • Whether the body is to be received into church the evening before the Requiem
  • Readings, prayers, music, orders of service, etc.


Preparation for the sacraments