Cashless Giving:
In an increasingly cashless society, parishioners can now make their Offertory donations through a contactless terminal (also accepts chip and pin) and can Gift Aid eligible donations. The system, which has been trialled and approved by the diocese, has pre-set amounts but also has the option to enter a specific amount of your choosing. It is an alternative to loose plate donations but we also hope to offer it as an option for Planned Giving Envelope users.

Planned Giving Envelopes and Loose Cash:
If you are not attending Sunday Mass, your donations should be kept at home until they can be brought to church. Please do not post cheques to us as the post is somewhat erratic and unpredictable at present! If you want to make a catch-up payment when you return to Mass at St Peter’s, you only need to put one envelope in the collection basket with all of your donation. Thank you.

Find out more about Planned Giving and Gift Aid here.

Standing Orders
If you currently donate using Envelopes or loose cash, perhaps this is a good time to switch, if you can, to giving by Standing Order. The necessary form for your bank can be found here. The information can also be used to set up a regular payment if you use online banking. You will make our Planned Giving Organiser’s life much easier if you donate monthly rather than weekly – Thank you!

Online giving
If you are not attending Sunday Mass, you can give online here. We prefer a bank-to-bank transfer over debit or credit card payments as you can give us your name in the payment reference as well as telling us if the donation is for the Building Fund (BDF).