Welcome to the Family Room

‘There are many rooms in my Father’s house’. This is ‘The Family Room’. We hope you find plenty here to do together as a family. Welcome!

We encourage you to use this time to pray as a family by:

    • Praying for specific family and friends, and all key workers who are working so hard across the world at this time
    • Encouraging your children to consider something they can be grateful to God for each day,
    • Praying to our Guardian Angels (see prayer example attached)


The Most Holy Trinity – 26 May – Celebrating World Day for Children

Why is this our Family Room activity today? On 25 & 26 May this year, the first World Day for Children is taking place in Rome. This is a very special day, and Pope Francis has written a letter to all the children of the world to mark this occasion.

Why should we celebrate children? Pope Francis writes in his letter that “all children, everywhere, are a sign of every person’s desire to grow and flourish” and also that “You remind us that we are all children, brothers and sisters.”

In this letter, Pope Francis also reflects that Jesus gives each of us courage to make the world a better place, through the little things that we – children and grown ups – can all do.

What can we do as a family? This week, we invite you to read the letter from Pope Francis together, and to have a family conversation about what he has written to all of us. You might also like to hold a special celebration for World Children’s Day, and let the children in your family choose what you would like to have for your meal…and for dessert! And you can also practice the small things that Pope Francis suggests we all do: “saying hello to others, asking permission, begging pardon, and saying thank you.” If you want some more ideas, have a look at the Mission Together website.

What we can all do is pray! We have written this prayer based on the thoughts reflected in the letter of Pope Francis, and invite all our parish families to pray it together this week.

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