Parish News – 19th May – Pentecost

World Day for Children – 25/26 May

In 2023, Pope Francis declared that the Catholic Church’s first World Children’s Day would take place on 25-26 May, 2024. World Children’s Day invites children from around the globe, including those of other faiths, to join together in friendship and prayer. Mission Together is encouraging pupils to join with their global sisters and brothers and celebrate World Children’s Day in their school or parish. Continue reading Parish News – 19th May – Pentecost

Scripture notes – 7th Sunday of Easter Year B – 12th May 2024

The liturgy is a transition from the Easter celebration of the Resurrection to the sending of the Holy Spirit on the disciples which we will celebrate next Sunday. That moment empowers them to take over the work of Christ, and the readings today continue some themes from the previous weeks that show their preparation for that change. Continue reading Scripture notes – 7th Sunday of Easter Year B – 12th May 2024

Parish News – 5th May

International Day of Prayer for Eastern Christians

The International Day of Prayer for Eastern Christians is celebrated annually on this Sunday, the Sixth Sunday of Easter. It offers an opportunity for Eastern and Western Christians to come together to pray for peace in the world – especially in the Middle East. The charity Fellowship and Aid to the Christians of the East (FACE) in partnership with the Dicastery for Oriental Churches helps organise this annual day of prayer, with the participation of Christians from all over Europe, the Middle East, the Horn of Africa and India. Eastern and Western Christians are encouraged to take this opportunity during the season of Easter to come together in prayer. Continue reading Parish News – 5th May

Scripture notes – 6th Sunday of Easter – Year B – 5th May 2024

It is a current cliché to talk about a person’s ‘legacy’ meaning what they leave in words and actions. If we apply that idea to Jesus, the readings today suggest that LOVE is his legacy – the unending love he ‘poured out’ on us, enabling us to love God in return, and to love each other. As Julian of Norwich wrote, ‘Love is his meaning.’’ Continue reading Scripture notes – 6th Sunday of Easter – Year B – 5th May 2024

Parish News – 28th April

Survivors of Abuse

Tuesday is the National Day of Prayer for Survivors of Abuse. It is not an easy subject to speak about but is one that has been raised in the Synod reports and one which concerns many people within the Church and those they know. Today’s Gospel speaks of Jesus’ desire for his followers to bear the sound and wholesome fruit that will bring life to the world. In recent years, things have been done by people within the Church which have damaged many lives. How can we, as communities, acknowledge the reality of what is being uncovered and show sorrow for what has happened even if we are not personally responsible? The Gospel speaks of the need to remain rooted in Christ as fundamental to any endeavours in bringing justice to and healing for survivors. What does a parish rooted in Christ look like? How can we ensure that people see us as a community that strives to bear the fruits of the Spirit and works to create a safe, healing space for survivors, their families and friends? Continue reading Parish News – 28th April