Scripture notes – 6th Sunday of Easter – Year B – 5th May 2024

It is a current cliché to talk about a person’s ‘legacy’ meaning what they leave in words and actions. If we apply that idea to Jesus, the readings today suggest that LOVE is his legacy – the unending love he ‘poured out’ on us, enabling us to love God in return, and to love each other. As Julian of Norwich wrote, ‘Love is his meaning.’’ Continue reading Scripture notes – 6th Sunday of Easter – Year B – 5th May 2024

Parish News – 28th April

Survivors of Abuse

Tuesday is the National Day of Prayer for Survivors of Abuse. It is not an easy subject to speak about but is one that has been raised in the Synod reports and one which concerns many people within the Church and those they know. Today’s Gospel speaks of Jesus’ desire for his followers to bear the sound and wholesome fruit that will bring life to the world. In recent years, things have been done by people within the Church which have damaged many lives. How can we, as communities, acknowledge the reality of what is being uncovered and show sorrow for what has happened even if we are not personally responsible? The Gospel speaks of the need to remain rooted in Christ as fundamental to any endeavours in bringing justice to and healing for survivors. What does a parish rooted in Christ look like? How can we ensure that people see us as a community that strives to bear the fruits of the Spirit and works to create a safe, healing space for survivors, their families and friends? Continue reading Parish News – 28th April

Parish News – 21st April

Priest Training Fund

This Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday and our retiring collection will support the Priest Training Fund. The fund pays for the priestly formation of men for the Catholic priesthood and supports the ongoing enrichment and formation of our ordained priests. There are currently 17 men from our own Diocese studying at Allen Hall seminary and elsewhere. Last year 3 deacons were ordained for our Diocese. Your gift ensures we can provide training for these men responding to Christ’s call to dedicate their lives to serve God’s people. Please be as generous as you can. Please also pray for vocations and for all our priests. If you do not have a donation envelope, plenty are still available at the back of the church. You can donate online or use the QR code to make your donation online. Thank you for your generosity.

Rest in Peace

Sandra Ademola The Funeral Mass of Sandra Ademola will be here on Wednesday 24th April at 12 midday after which her body will be repatriated. No 9am Mass.
Andrew Lidstone and the family would like to give a big thank you for Fr David and everyone who sent Mass offerings , cards and kind thoughtful words for Diana. A mass will be offered for our parish.


Bishop John Sherrington will confer the sacrament of Confirmation on our candidates at 2 Masses – one this Thursday, 25th April, and the other on Thursday 9th May, both at 7pm. Please pray for our candidates, their families and sponsors.

Soup Run Update

Thank you for all your donations over the past weeks. We are happily pretty stocked up at the moment and have also just been chosen as the Stroud Green WI’s charity of the year, benefitting financially from all their fundraising events.  However we are DESPERATELY SHORT OF DRIVERS and risk the Soup Run sadly grinding to a halt. Our current drivers are a loyal and hugely supportive bunch but there is a limit to how often they can be asked to volunteer, especially on a Saturday evening for 2/3 hours. Please do consider offering your car services once in a while. Message Kit on 07507138582 or email


Sunday Masses are at 6:30pm (Saturday), 9:45am,  11:15am and 7pm.
Sunday Scripture readings
Notes on the Scripture readings
Normal Weekday Mass times (unless there is a funeral) are 9am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday after Morning Prayer at 8:45am.
7pm Mass Tuesday and, after mass, look at the different articles of the creed and aspects of our faith with Fr David in the presbytery.

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Scripture notes – 4th Sunday of Easter – Year B – 21st April 2024

The liturgy this week is not another appearance of the Risen Lord, but words of Jesus said previously during his earthly ministry which give us aspects of what the Resurrection accomplished. ‘The good shepherd’ has been a favourite image for how Christ is involved in our daily lives. Continue reading Scripture notes – 4th Sunday of Easter – Year B – 21st April 2024

Scripture notes – 2nd Sunday of Easter – Year B – 7th April 2024: ‘Divine Mercy’ Sunday

The liturgy continues to celebrate the Resurrection, with various biblical accounts of the appearances of Jesus, unexpected, mysterious, but bringing peace and love. This Sunday is ‘Divine Mercy’ Sunday; and in a year when an unprecedented number in our country are suffering greater financial hardship, the first reading is a powerful declaration of what ‘mercy’ can mean in a community context.
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An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

In the three-year cycle of Gospels read at Mass, Year B is Mark, the shortest of the four gospels. The liturgy does not follow the gospel in order, so I urge everyone to read it as a whole to get a sense of its full message. Paradoxically, this Gospel seems to call for two kinds of reading: going once straight through it from beginning to end – which can be done in an hour or two. Then reading slowly, perhaps over the full year, section by section, and noting the places where Mark seems to call for a pause to reflect. (Sometimes this is by an unanswered question.) During the previous Year B, I found it helpful to write my reflections in a journal, which showed how events in my life or the world around interacted with the text. In this way, the scripture becomes part of one’s days, showing why Pope Francis calls on us to see the Bible as a basis of Christian life. Continue reading An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark