Keeping Lent Holy

Lent 2020

Ash Wednesday, 26th February to Maundy Thursday, 9th March 2020

People often don’t look forward to Lent. Childhood memories of giving up sweets or sitting through weekly Stations of the Cross come immediately to mind. Words like “sacrifice,” “discipline,” and “self denial” are often used in ways that suggest that Lent is something to be endured rather than a time of grace and spiritual growth.

Have you ever thought of Lent as a yearly second chance? Each year the Church gives us six weeks to take a long, loving look at our lives to see if our values and priorities are in line with God’s desires for us. Since most of us find that we’ve wandered from God’s path, Lent becomes that second chance, to “return to God with our whole heart.”

Prayer and Reflection:

Faith-sharing Groups

Our groups will be studying “A Word for Lent” which invites us to see salvation gradually unfold in our own lives and also in the lives of Gospel women and men whose stories are as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago. Using themes from the 6 Sunday Gospels of Lent, we will look at Temptation, Transformation, Acceptance, Celebration, Forgiveness and Passion. Whether alone or in a group, these reflections provide stimulating insights and ways into deepening personal prayer and commitment to Jesus. They are simple, practical, down-to-earth, heart-warming, challenging, and open up fresh possibilities for deepening discipleship and loving friendship with Jesus. Booklets will be available from Group Leaders and at the back of church. There are 3 groups in the parish: The Life Ascending Group meet at the presbytery on Tuesdays at 10am; Sr Ann Heaney’s Group meet at 10:30am on Tuesdays at 78 Oakfield Road N4 4LB and Irena Henderson’s group on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm (but no meeting on 25th March) at The Vicarage, Holy Trinity Church, Granville Road, N4 4EL.

Ecumenical Stations of the Cross

6th March (CAFOD Fast Day) at St. Peters – followed by a frugal supper for CAFOD
13th March at Holy Trinity,
20th March Holy Innocents
27th March St. Peters
All at 7:30pm on Fridays. This is a wonderful way to worship with our fellow Christian churches in the area as well as a traditional Lenten devotion.

Reflecting on Scripture

This is a recommended practice for Lent and it is a special focus of Pope Francis and our Bishops as well who have made this a year to focus on the word of God. Since this is Year A, Matthew, can be a good place to start. In addition to notes on each week’s liturgy, there is on the website a short introduction that gives an overview of the whole Gospel. Matthew is a rich compilation of Jesus’ teaching and so offers a lifetime of meditation. All the gospels help us to encounter the person of Jesus, so much so that St Augustine wrote, ‘Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.’

Holy Trinity Taizé Services

The next Taize evenings at Holy Trinity are on Sunday 1st March and 29th March at 6pm.

CAFOD’s online Lent calendar 2020

CAFOD offers an online Lent calendar to reflect, pray and take global justice actions throughout the season of Lent.

Visions of God

Visions of God is the Lent series at Holy Trinity on Tuesdays at 8:15pm, looking at core Christian beliefs through reflection on works of art. All welcome.

‘No Planet B’ Lent Study Group

The meetings at Farm Street have now been cancelled due to Coronavirus.


Please try to make this a nonviolent, peaceful Lent. Leaflets are available at the back of Church with messages from Pope Francis and others and the address of a helpful blog from Pax Christi, the Catholic Campaign for Peace:-

Confessions (Sacrament of Reconciliation)

Every Saturday 9.30am to 10.00am and 6.00pm to 6.20pm.
More dates will be advertised in the newsletter closer to Easter.


CAFOD Lent Fast Day 2020

Friday 6th March. – Please show your love this Lent. Eat a simple meal this Family Fast Day and give what you can to improve the health of our sisters and brothers around the world. CAFOD works with local experts around the world who use their skills, training and dedication to bring your love to millions of people. Sister Consilia is one such expert. She works tirelessly to care, support and heal the people she lives among. She is a highly-trained, highly skilled pharmacist and the treatment she gives to sick children and adults is an expression of her love. But there are many people who still need treatment and care to survive. If she were here next to you, she would tell you that her work is an expression of her faith. She would also tell you that it is your love for others that inspires her work. With your support this Family Fast Day, local experts like Sister Consilia can reach out to even more families who need help. CAFOD envelopes are available for you to return with your donation and to allow you to Gift Aid what you give if possible. You can donate online at


Cardinal’s Lenten Appeal

A gift this Lent made online at or using the wall safe at the back of church will help fund initiatives in parishes, schools and charities in the Diocese. You could help provide food for hungry families in your community. You could help ensure no one feels forgotten or alone as they battle illness, disadvantage or homelessness. You could help mend broken marriages and inspire faith in our young people. You could help create another tile in our mosaic, another precious piece of hope, at a time when it is greatly needed. Please be generous.

CAFOD Lent Fast Day

The CAFOD collection – see above – helps support those in need around the world. The Ecumenical Stations of the Cross here at St Peter’s on Friday 6th March at 7:30pm will use CAFOD materials to focus our reflection on the needs of others and will be followed by a frugal supper of soup, bread and cheese with a collection for CAFOD.

Poor Box

If you wish to support those in need in our parish and the local area as well as our parish Soup Run please place donations in the Poor Box by the church main door.

Soup Run

Our Soup Run provides practical ways to give, whether by donating provisions – tinned tuna, corned beef, cheese, ham etc. or by giving your time on a Saturday afternoon as a member of one of the teams that make and distribute sandwiches to the homeless. To find out more about how you can help, contact Kit 07057 138582 or


SEEDs, our group that brings together people with learning disabilities, their families and friends on the first Saturday of the month always welcomes new helpers. See the Newsletter for more details.