Welcome to the Family Room

‘There are many rooms in my Father’s house’. This is ‘The Family Room’. We hope you find plenty here to do together as a family. Welcome!

We encourage you to use this time to pray as a family by:

    • Praying for specific family and friends, and all key workers who are working so hard across the world at this time
    • Encouraging your children to consider something they can be grateful to God for each day,
    • Praying to our Guardian Angels (see prayer example attached)

Bringing the church into our home

Dear Father Sean, as promised I have written a short description of our “Sundays at home Church” with our sons. Anna

Every Sunday during lockdown our family celebrates Mass at home. We bring the Church into our home by setting up a pew of chairs for the family and we join Father Sean just as we would at St Peter’s. We sit, we stand and we kneel. We say the prayers and responses together out loud so that our sons don’t forget them when they return to St Peter’s after lockdown. The boys’ favourite part of the service is offering each other the sign of peace (particularly as they don’t get to shake hands outside the family at the moment). Now that we have beautiful live music at Mass once again we can also join in with the hymns.

First Holy Communion

Parents, we have updated our ‘Sacraments‘ page with the current state of play for the parents of children on the 2020 First Holy Communion programme and those wanting their child to prepare for First Holy Communion in 2021.  Contact the First Holy Communion team on email or phone (Lizzie, 0787 286 7203) if you have any questions.

Each week, we will be sharing a faith-based activity that families can complete together. We hope that you enjoy them, and we invite you to share your completed activities with us.

3rd Sunday of Easter – 18th April 2021 – Mums, Dads, Children, Teenagers – understanding the scriptures

Why is this our Family Room activity today? Today’s Gospel reading shares one of the times that Jesus appears to the Apostles after his Resurrection. He explains how the writings of the Old Testament are fulfilled – completed – in Him, and then “He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures”.

What are “The Scriptures”? Scripture is a Latin word that means “writings”. This word is used as a description of the holy writings of the Bible – both the Old and the New Testaments. As Christians, we believe the Bible is inspired by God – that God guided the people who wrote, and that everything in it is His Word – His message to and conversation with us.

What does “understanding the Scriptures” mean? When we love someone, we listen to them, and we try to understand what they say to us, especially when they want to tell us something important. We don’t have Jesus physically here with us the way that the Apostles did, but God speaks to us through the Bible, and Jesus particularly speaks to us through the New Testament. So when we make an effort to listen and understand scriptures, we are listening to God’s message to us. Just like the disciples in the gospel story, we often need help understanding the Scriptures which is why, after the Gospel reading at Mass, the priest talks to us to explain the meaning of the scripture readings we have listened to.

What can we do as a family? This week, we encourage our families to listen closely to the Gospel reading during Sunday Mass together and to Fr Sean’s talk afterwards – called the Sermon or Homily. Then, we invite you to have a conversation about what understanding the Scriptures means. You might like to share your favourite Bible stories with each other. Or to discuss a particular part of the Bible that you have questions about. And you can watch this short video to understand more about why the Bible is important to us.

What we can all do is pray! The Bible contains God’s message to us. And prayer is the way that we talk to God. So we’ve written this prayer for our families this week, to ask God to help us understand the Scriptures.

A special note for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion families: The “I Belong” book is filled with stories from the Bible. These are included in specific chapters to help our children understand the Holy Mass – Chapter 6 (Liturgy of the Word) focuses particularly on how we read from both the Old and the New Testaments during the Mass.

Activity archive

Visit the Archive page to look at previous activities.

Everybody Worries, a free ebook is a picture book for children worried about Coronavirus. It is an absolute joy to read. It conveys key messages for children who are worried currently and suggests really helpful ways for them to process and normalise these emotions. This fun rhyming picture book is a must read for children at this time and will help bring a much-needed smile to children and adults alike.’

‘I am confident that this book will be helpful for children right now but also in their future, post-covid-19 lives.’

This is a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler with expert input the book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds: