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11th July 2021 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Praying for Seafarers

Why is this our Family Room activity today? Today is the second Sunday in July, and every year, churches across the globe celebrate the role seafarers and fishers play in our daily lives, thank them for their important work, and pray especially for them.

What is a “seafarer”, and why are they important? Seafarers are the people who work on any type of marine (sea) vessel. Much of what we use in our lives every day – not just the fish, but other food we eat, the clothes we wear, the furniture we have in our homes, our TVs, phones and the electronic gadgets we use and the coal and oil we rely on for energy – is transported across the sea. Working or travelling in the ocean can sometimes be very dangerous, and it is often very lonely.

During this last year, many seafarers struggled even more because of COVID, and were stuck in their ships at sea for months and months. This video shares the story of just one seafarer, and there are many more stories like his.

What can we do as a family? This week, we invite you to have a family conversation about seafarers, and other people we don’t always see or know, who work to bring us the things that we appreciate in life. You might also like to use these colouring sheets. They’ve been created especially for Sea Sunday by Stella Maris, a Catholic organisation that was originally founded in Glasgow one hundred years ago!

What we can all do is Pray! We have taken inspiration from today’s Psalm to write this special prayer for Sea Sunday, which we invite you to pray this week together as a family.