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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 20th September 2020 – Mums, Dads, Children, Teenagers – respecting the planet’s resources

Why is this important today? Pope Francis has announced a special prayer intention for the month of September this year: respect for the planet’s resources. In the past week in a report from the United Nations, in a David Attenborough TV documentary and a plea to the government from British conservation scientists, we have been reminded of the damage human activity is doing to the biodiversity that is essential to the survival of our planet home.

What does this mean? Pope Francis has invited all Catholics around the world, and all people of good will, to pray that ‘the planet’s resources will not be plundered, but shared in a just and respectful manner’. You can watch his message here.

What can we do as a family? You might not think we can make a difference to the whole world…but remember Jesus’s parable about the mustard seed! A tiny seed can grow into a large tree that provides shelter, and our small actions can combine to achieve positive change. This week, we encourage you to consider what you can do together as a family. You could increase your recycling or signup to green waste collection…or you could plant wildflowers, go for a nature walk, or learn about water conservation. Here is a BBC Newsround article about the UN report and what we need to do.

What we can all do is pray! We invite you to pray together as a family for the Pope’s intentions throughout September – you may like to use this prayer, which has been written especially for this purpose.

Tell us what you think: Share your reflections respecting the planet’s resources with us either as an email to Fr Sean or on our Facebook page.