Parish News – 29th January

Thank you to all our volunteers

In January, parishes make submissions to the diocese of their financial accounts and other information for the year just ended. This includes an assessment of the number of people who volunteer in any way for the parish and the amount of time they give each month. While it is impossible to be wholly accurate in this, adding together everything from Altar Servicing to Visiting the Sick via keeping our accounts, the Soup Run and providing music in church, we think around 170 people give the parish around 480 hours each month over 26 different activities. And no doubt, on top of that, parishioners volunteer in different ways outside the parish. That is pretty impressive and we send a huge Thank You to everyone who serves the parish. May God Bless You. You can see the breakdown here.

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord – Thursday 2nd February

Mass will be celebrated at 9am. ‘The Presentation’ is set 40 days after Christmas, following the Jewish practice of a mother going to the Temple for a ritual ‘purification’, a name that is confusing for moderns as it has nothing to do with sin, but with conditions that kept a person from full participation religious celebrations and sometimes community life. A first-born son was also to be taken to the Temple to be offered to God. The Church also celebrates Candlemas on this date and, formerly, it marked the end of the Christmas Season in the Church’s liturgy. Please note that at the time of writing, we are not sure which day this week Fr David will be away.

Soup Run Appeal

From Kit: We really need more drivers to help us deliver on Saturday evenings. Also, at present, we are short of Sugar and Mayonnaise. There is a labelled box by the church door for donations. If you can help drive, please contact Kit – or call 07507 138582.


Sunday Masses are at 6:30pm (Saturday), 9:45am, 11:15am (livestreamed) and 7pm.
Sunday Scripture readings
Notes on the Sunday Scripture readings
Find other livestreamed Masses in the diocese.
Weekday Masses are at 9am Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after Morning Prayer at 8:45am.
Funeral Mass: The Funeral Mass of Michael Carolan is at 10am on Tuesday 31st January.
Rosary: Tuesday & Friday, after 9am Mass
Confession: The Sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession is available on Saturday evening from 6-6:20pm.
Family Room: This week’s activity reflects on Considering the Lord as our light and salvation.

Racial Justice Sunday – 5th February 2023

Racial Justice Sunday is the day the church focuses on the need to oppose racism and pursue racial justice with renewed vigour. The theme for Racial Justice Sunday is: “All are included in the mission of Christ and His Church. Let us walk together, pray together and work together” It reflects the role each of us must play in promoting the mission of Christ and His Church. This was inspired by conversations around last year’s Racial Justice Sunday and Pope Francis’ visit to Canada in July 2022 when he spoke about looking towards a future of ‘Justice, healing and reconciliation’. The Bishops’ Conference have a prayer that can be used year-round as well as questions for reflection; Videos for Walking Together, Working Together and Praying Together. The resources can be found here.

Coming up:

Padre Pio Group: Meets in church after 7pm Mass next Sunday, 5th February.
Thursdays Together: Every Thursday lunchtime 11am – 1:30pm in the church hall at Holy Trinity, Granville Road. A chance to meet your neighbours and chat over light refreshments.
The Holy Land: A fundraising concert in aid of the Catholic community in the Holy Land will be held on Thursday 16th February at Westminster Cathedral at 7:30pm. Tickets starting at £20 are available now through Eventbrite, or by calling the office – 01926 512980.
Anointing of the sick – Saturday 11th February, the Memoria of Our Lady of Lourdes, is the 31st World Day of the Sick. There will be a Mass for the Sick at the Cathedral at 2:30pm, celebrated by the Cardinal, during which Anointing of the Sick will be offered. Tickets, which will be sent by post, must be pre-booked on Eventbrite. Tickets are in three categories: 1. Wheelchair users who require anointing, 2. Walking sick who require anointing and 3. Those assisting the sick, who do not require anointing.

Camino reflections from Fr. Sean

Fr Sean’s reflections have received numerous positive commendations. You can find the Dropbox link to the Powerpoint presentation here. You will have to download the file to play it as it is quite big (1/2 GB) with photos and music etc.

Other News:

Food Bank donations: As more and more people need to access food banks, we would ask anyone who is able to donate, when they can, to one of our local food banks. Contributions can be made to Holy Trinity Foodbank on Sundays between 1pm and 3:30pm. Please come to the Church Hall on Stapleton Hall Road, next to St Aidan’s School, N4 4RR, near the Albany Road junction.

Tottenham Refugee Alliance is looking to secure rented accommodation suitable to house a refugee family under the Community Sponsorship Programme. We will support the landlord with upgrading suitable housing and settling the family, supporting them in all their needs to take their place in this local community. Interested landlords should contact us at

Westminster Diocese Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2023: The pilgrimage dates for 2023 are the 21st – 28th July. For more information and to make an ‘Expression of interest’ ahead of booking being open: tel. 020 7798 9173; email; web

Escorted Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine, Ireland, 15th May 2023. £699.00 per person sharing. Price includes flight, all transfers, 4 nights’ in Knock House Hotel with full board. All entertainment and excursions included. Day trips to Westport, Ballintubber Abbey, Croagh Patrick, Fr. Peyton Centre & National Museum. Single supplement £150.00. Contact Patricia on 01268 762 278 or 07740 175557 or email

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Please pray for:

Those who are ill: Christian Overal, Antonio Neto, Zintra Sansom, Brenda Buzec, Amy Gordon, Annette Donivar, Caroline Hilton, Karin Summers, Graham Summers, Joan Summers, Helen Kozlowski, Don Brewis, Roman Cholij, Adeline Oyekoya, Mary Wallace, Sister Pia, Margaret Whelan, Kitty Madden, Clare Bruce, Brendan Whelan, Claire Marchand, Mike Coombes, Mira Lidstone, Gemma Francis, Richard Simon, Noah Purcell–Chandler, Nathalie Renford, Jackie Loivette, Michael Reid, Wendy Fairhurst, Ann Elizabeth Bennett, Joseph Lunn, Tom Shiels, John O’Shea, Michael Hurley, Enid Samaru, Emilie Alcaraz, Ann Kozlowski-Hunt.

Those who have recently died: Betty McGlynn (mother of Helen Bligh) RIP whose funeral Mass is on Friday 10th February at 11am followed by a cremation at St Marylebone N2 0SE. Also Michael Carolan RIP who died recently and whose funeral Mass is on Tuesday 31st January at 10am.