Parish News – Summer 2020

Opening and times of Services

Everyone attending Mass is asked to wear a face covering while in church. This will be a legal requirement from Saturday August 8th. Note that services will NOT be livestreamed from St Peter’s after 2nd August. Here is a link to other livestreamed Masses in the diocese.

You do not need to contact us prior to attending Saturday/Sunday Mass over the holiday period but we ask everyone to sign in so we know who is in church. Thank you.

During the holiday period, the church will be open as follows:
6:30pm – Mass of Sunday
9:45am – Mass
11:15am – Mass
7pm Mass will resume after the holiday season
Monday – Friday
9:00am – Mass preceded by morning prayer at 8:45am 

Join in Mass from home from other churches
Scripture readings
Notes on the Sunday 23rd August Scripture readings for the Feast of the Assumption
Morning prayer
Click for Prayer of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus,
I believe that you are present in the Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love you above all things
and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,
come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you
now and forever.

For everyone’s peace of mind and safety, please follow the Visitor guidelines below. Note there are no toilet facilities available at present.
Visitor guidelines

    • Try and arrive a few minutes before Mass is due to begin
    • Enter the church through the porch and sanitise your hands
    • Ushers will direct people as they enter the church
    • Parents should keep young children with them
    • Sit only where there is a green card either as an individual, couple or family
    • Follow the instructions of Fr Sean and ushers when moving round the church for communion or to leave at the end of Mass and maintain social distancing
    • Turn the green card over to red when you leave
    • Sanitise your hands and move away from the church on leaving

Holy Hour – Friday – 7 – 8pm
Holy Hour will resume after the holiday period.

The Family Room

Visit the Family Room for this week’s family activity – the last for the summer –  and reflect of God’s generosity.

Rest in Peace

The funeral of Philomena Onyema, a parishioner for many years who moved in 2018, is on the 15th August.

From Mira Lidstone

Mira sends her good wishes to everyone and thanks them for their prayers . Now that visiting is allowed at Nazareth House Finchley Mira would very much like a visit to hear all your news. Visiting can be arranged by calling the home on 020 8883 1104 via the receptionist. Thank you.

Learning Support Assistants vacancies

The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School is seeking Learning Support Assistants for the new term. Please refer to their website for details. View the advert here.

Soup Run – request for toiletries

With the important emphasis placed on personal hygiene at present, we would like to provide some toiletries for the people we serve on the Soup Run e.g. hand sanitiser, hand soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes as well, maybe, as facemasks for when people need to go into shops etc. Donations can be placed in the box in the porch or brought to the basement door of the Parish Rooms on Friday evening between 6-7pm or Saturday afternoon from 1-4:30pm. P.S. We are still open for normal food donations as well. On behalf of our volunteers and the people we serve, your generosity to our appeals is hugely appreciated! Kit.

Tottenham Refugee Alliance – URGENT appeal for volunteers

Thanks to your generosity, we have more than reached the £9,000 required by the Home Office to bring a refugee family from Syria or Iraq to safety. We now need more volunteers who will help with the following areas in order to settle them in Haringey or Hackney: housing (furniture and equipment for the house); education (local schools etc); health contacts (G.P.s, dental surgeries, AandE); welfare income (they get benefits automatically: where to claim); accessing employment and volunteering; ESOL and interpreters. Tottenham Refugee Alliance will organise any training or preparation needed.

If you may be able to help in any of these (or other) ways, please give your name and contact details to Fr Sean or email (Apologies if you offered to help some time ago and weren’t followed up – this time, volunteers are vital.) Thank You – Fr David Ardagh-Walter.

First Holy Communion

Fr Sean and our catechists are discussing how we can best complete our Children’s preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist so that they can receive the sacraments. As soon as the discussions are complete and the necessary preparations have been put in place we will be in contact with parents.

Food Bank donations

You can find details about the times when you can donate to Holy Trinity and other local foodbanks here.

Please pray for:

Those who are ill: Christian Overal, Antonio Neto, Zintra Sansom, Brenda Buzec, Amy Gordon, Annette Donivar, Margaret Bradley, Caroline Hilton, Karin Summers, Graham Summers, Joan Summers, Helen Kozlowski, Don Brewis, Roman Cholij, Adeline Oyekoya, Mary Wallace, Bruna Moia, Sister Pia, Margaret Whelan, Kitty Madden, Clare Bruce, Brendan Whelan, Claire Marchand, Mike Coombes, Mira Lidstone, Gemma Francis, Augustine Okonta, Richard Simon, Noah Purcell–Chandler, Safina Malik, Jay Williams, Nathalie Renford, Joanie Macarthy, Jennifer Mann, Jackie Loivette, Frances Byrne, Grenville Ignatius, Michael Reid, Vera Boles, Eileen Reavey, Carmel Palao, Wendy Fairhurst, Helen Fenwick, Ann Elizabeth Bennett and Ann Turner.

Those who have recently died: Frances Herlihy, Miranda Watkins, Fr. Freddie Jackson and Philomena Onyema, parishioner for many years RIP.

The Sunday Collections

Planned Giving Envelopes:
If you are not attending Sunday, Planned Giving Envelopes containing your donations should be kept at home until they can be brought to church. Please do not post cheques to us as the post is somewhat erratic and unpredictable at present! If you want to make a catch-up payment when you return to Mass at St Peter’s, you only need to put one envelope in the collection basket with all of your donation. Thank you.

Loose cash
If you are not attending Sunday Mass and you normally give loose cash or notes, you can give online here using a debit or credit card; the link also gives our bank account details if you wish to make a bank-to-bank transfer. Alternatively you could put money aside until the church re-opens.

Standing Orders
If you currently donate using Envelopes or loose cash, perhaps this is a good time to switch, if you can, to giving by Standing Order. The necessary form for your bank  can be found here. The information can also be used to set up a regular payment if you use online banking. You will make our Planned Giving Organiser’s life much easier if you donate monthly rather than weekly – Thank you!